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Michael, Beau, and Chris

Michael, Beau, & Chris

Rabbit in the Moon makes craft hot sauce, jelly, and other delicious condiments from chiltepin peppers, which grow wild throughout the Central Texas hill country.

The adventure started in 2014 when friends Chris Greyson and Michael Curving who share a love for spicy food began creating tasty salsas and sauces for their own enjoyment.

Chris fondly recalls childhood memories of chiltepins growing on the family farm in South Texas.  His Grandfather would often sprinkle vinegar-soaked chiltepins over lima beans, and Chris once took a dare from an older brother to eat one whole. Ouch!

Fifty years on, he now welcomes the heat along with the unique character and taste of the peppers that go into every Rabbit in the Moon recipe, and both Michael and Chris hope you will enjoy it too.

chiltepin bush

Chiltepin bush

About Chiltepins

Chiltepins are a tiny round pepper sometimes referred to as a bird pepper or chile del monte.  They are a gourmet pepper and considered the most expensive pepper in the world.

On the Scoville Scale they rank between 50,000 to 100,000 Scoville units.

Chiltepins are also believed to be the oldest, original wild chile from which all other chiles derived, making them truly the Mother of all Peppers!